Make Money As A Live Cam Model


Live Cam girls, boys and couples, are an extremely lucrative business. Many popular models are making six figures a year.

Cam girls: around $100-$7000/day. $7000/day is for models who have a huge fan base, regular broadcaster and have high tippers.
Cam couples: Couples make more than solo, at around $1000-$10,000/day. If you are decent looking and even spending just few hours in front of camera still you will make easy cash. People love watching couples on live cams.
Cam boys: earns around 25% of what a female earns.
The first days are a bit difficult, because no one knows you and you have to make yourself visible. It’s the only way to bring customers and money.


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If you are new to the webcam business, do not be discouraged if in the first few weeks your income is small

Most of your earnings will come from the regular members who come to see you and your shows.

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Smile and be in a good mood in front of the camera

If a visitor sees a girl who is bored, angry, or in a bad mood, they will move to another chat room with a more positive environment.

Talk to your guests in English

It is always appreciated and is truly worth it – a decent level of English in the chat will get you more tips and private chat requests as well as will help you find new regular customers.

It is important not to give your full attention to just one member in the chat room

This may seem rude, but you need to immediately identify the chat room guests who are able to pay for a private chat or give tips, and primarily talk to them.

Members come to webcam sites to have fun

Perform small shows, tease your guests, dress sexy, and tips will rain down on you!

Turn the microphone on

This saves you from having to write a lot in the chat, and voice has always been more attractive than printed text. Speak to the members, and you will see how the number of tips grows.

Add Members to your friends list

When a member gives you tips or takes you to a private chat, make sure to add him to your friends list.

The private chat is great, but the most modern way to earn money is through tips

Top models make 80-90% of their earnings on them. Imagine you say to your guests that you will show your breasts for a hundred dollars. It can be (and probably is) too expensive for one person. But if ten members chip in $10.00 each, none of them will end up spending too much, whereas you get a lot of money for just a minute! Regularly teasing your guests and collecting tips can help you earn good money without having to wait for private show requests!

Use the platform promotion tools to improve your position and show you on the first pages

Your earnings will be much greater if you appear on the first pages. Estimated earnings per page:
HOMEPAGE: $200/hour
PAGE 2: $75/hour
PAGE 3-4: $40/hour
PAGE 5+: $25/hour